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Ghosthouse Movie Review

Here’s a review of the infamous “Evil Dead 3”. Actually, the Italian title is “La Casa 3”, with “Evil Dead” and “Evil Dead 2” being “La Casa 1-2”. I mean, we all know that Italian films never ripped off titles of successful movies, right?

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Godkiller Episode One: Walk Among Us Movie Review

Godkiller is Matt Pizzolo’s tale of love, death, and organ harvesting- all set in a disgusting post apocalyptic wasteland. Walk Among Us is the first episode of the three part series, and it starts this show out with a bang!

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Graphic Sexual Horror Movie Review

Synapse Films unleashes the Slamdance Film Festival knockout Graphic Sexual Horror, a documentary on one of the most depraved and revolutionary websites in history, www.INSEX.com

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Rock & Rule Blu-Ray Review

For their first Blu-Ray, Unearthed Films delivers the animated rock saga!

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August Underground Review

I finally broke down and decided to review Fred Vogel's infamous pseudo-snuff sickie August Underground; in it's Snuff Edition DVD release.

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