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The Exterminator Blu-Ray Review

Synapse Films unleashes Robert Ginty, the man they pushed too far, in James Glickenhaus’s The Exterminator- and in stunning Hi-Def.

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The Real Cannibal Holocaust Movie Review

One7 Movies presents us with the actual Cannibal Holocaust. You know, because the one officially called Cannibal Holocaust was either A) imaginary B) false or C) this is just a cash in on a much more popular movie. Hmmm. I’m going to go with A…

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Rossa Venezia Movie Review

Andreas Bethmann’s Rossa Venezia is the 1st Horror-Splatter-Women-in-Prison-Giallo ever made. And if there is in fact a God, it will also be the last!

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Sella Turcica Movie Review

The newest release from the always entertaining Toe Tag Pictures, Sella Turcica, has finally been shipped out to eager fans!

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August Underground Review

I finally broke down and decided to review Fred Vogel's infamous pseudo-snuff sickie August Underground; in it's Snuff Edition DVD release.

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