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Brain Dead Movie Review

Combine one part 80’s gore film, one part 80’s alien invasion film, and one part 80’s zombie film and you get Brain Dead. Oh, I forgot to mention boobs… Lots and lotsa boobs…

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Frat House Massacre Movie Review

Synapse Films pledges to Alex Pucci’s retro-slasher Frat House Massacre- but this will be one killer Hell Week. Fuckin’ hell, I’m so glad I attend a tech school…

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Goon Movie Review

Magnolia Pictures unleashes Doug “The Thug” Glatt on the rink in Goon- one of the best movies of the year.

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Grotesque (Gurotesuku) Movie Review

Grotesque (Gurotesuku) is a film that’s been causing a ridiculous amount of (self inflicted) controversy. Not because it’s a good or graphic film, but because the crew used a tasteless promotion technique.

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