April 17, 2011- Last House on Dead End Street (Sun Video Corp.)

So this little "plastic movie square" here is what many consider the rarest American tape of all time. Roger Watkin's snuff masterpiece Last House on Dead End Street, released by ever-so-shitty Sun Video. The first thing that make Sun tapes so collectible is the artwork. Instead of printing actual slipcases, they just made a sticker (of the poster artwork) that they put over a generic black carton case. The sticker also wrapped around one side of the case, leaving the top, back, and other side completely bare. In some cases, they would put a small white sticker with the title of the release on the bottom flap. thing with Sun Video, every tape was a prerecord, so basically each tape was made from scratch. Apparently, there were at least 4 version released by Sun, all with the same serial number. Two cut versions with The Funhouse title card, a cut edition with the LHoDES title card, and a completely uncut LHoDES version as well. I don't have a Beta player, so I have no clue what particular version this is. Or if it's even Last House... what I said about the tapes being prerecords? Well my copy was originally a copy of The Real Bruce Lee (at least from what I can tell). Both LHoDES stickers on the tape have been pasted OVER another sticker for another movie.




Here is a picture of their catalog I found on a VHS collection group page. This will not be the last Sun Video tapeI talk about on the blog, so until then enjoy.