April 27, 2011- The Real Cannibal Holocaust... O RLY?

The latest One7 Movies DVD has had my mind brewing ever since I got the press release a few months ago. The Real Cannibal Holocaust? What the hell does that mean? Did I imagine the other one all along? Or did someone slip a counterfeit past the public for 30+ years? Aside from the fact that this is an obvious cash in on Ruggero Deodato's classic 1980 film Cannibal Holocaust, I knew something else was wrong.'s start from the present and work our way back. Currently on, the film is listed as being directed by Bruno Mattei, and staring Helena Wagner and Claudio Morales. That would mean it was the film Cannibal World, made in 2003... title card claims the film is Nuova Guinea, l'isola dei Cannibali, and that's exactly what the film is. New Guinea, Island of the Cannibals is a 1974 Mondo film documenting the independence of New Guinea from Great Britain.

Also, the plot makes it sound like this is another found footage movie,where the Queen commissioned a group to document the ways of the natives, and they end up being lunch. This. Never. Happens. Where the lines got crossed I have no idea, but aside from music by the same composer (Riz Ortolani) and the theme of cannibalism, this is nothing like Cannibal Holocaust.

This best describes my reaction...