Exitus Interruptus: Der Tod ist Erst der Anfang Review


I'm a huge fan of Andreas Bethmann. Many people don't know that name, but he is the pioneer of German horror distributor X Rated KultDVD. When not releasing the most appalling films ever made (Inferno of Torture, Vegetarians Forced to Lust, Der Todesengel), he's out and about making them! Exitus Interruptus: Der Tod ist Erst der Anfang (or Your Death is Just the Beginning) is one of the more rare films in his filmography, epically the 2 hour hardcore cut!

The Film- Renee Pornero plays Manuela, the survivor of a sexual assault 5 years ago (the events of Vegetarians Forced to Lust Part 2). Seeking help from her social disorders, she begins to see a psychiatrist, played by none other than writer/ director/ X Rated Kult owner/ personal hero of mine Anderas Bethmann. After the first session, she goes clubbing with her lover Monique. In the clubs bathroom, a vicious killer attacks 2 lesbians, mutilating them in front of Manuela. He then kidnaps her, and brings her to his "secluded" old mansion. Obviously the psychiatrist, Manuela realizes her captor is the brother of her past attacker; and he has plans for her. Soon Monique, worried about her lover, receives a phone call, beckoning her to the sadistic killer's "house of pain!"

This film is so much fun. 2 versions exist: the international hardcore cut, running almost 2 hours, and the significantly shorter directors cut. Both are available in the limited edition 3 disk release. That release is long out of print, and your most likely to find the shorter cut. Any collector of X Rated Kult titles (my favorite company) knows these are EXPENSIVE. Expect to pay $30+ for the single disk and at least $50 for the 3 disk, if you're lucky. With that said, I highly suggest you know these films are sleazy, trashy fun; and nothing like most American horror. Our shot on DV films include the likes of anything from a budget releasing studio to Hollywood knockoffs; not hardcore porn splatter films. The XXX might not please everyone (since it's about 1/4 of the film), but I thought it enhanced the nastiness. Overall I feel Exitus Interruptus is worth the price and effort to hunt down (epically the hardcore cut) but is for German trash/ splatter fans only.

The Package- Shot in 2006, I wasn't expecting the picture to look bad. It doesn't at all; in fact, it looks really good. Of course there's no grain or damage (except the prologue which is digitally roughed up), but there's some mild pixelation in the darker parts. I wouldn't complain, but 7/8 of this movie are dark, so it gets annoying in places. The colors are nice and rich, and flesh tones look great; a must for a movie where blood and boobs are the only selling point.

The audio is sup par to say the least. Lots of fading and unbalanced effects. I expected some bugs, and got what I expected. Decently accurate subs are included.

The extras are where this release shines! All X Rated Kult releases are packaged in an over sized Hardbox (or Bookbox, which ever you prefer). This limited edition comes with the XXX cut, as well as the directors cut, the teaser and theatrical trailers, Intra Exitus- a 133 minute featurette, Behind the Scenes of Intra Exitus, deleted scenes, interviews, a photo gallery and the teaser for Exitus II.

A lucky few might find this release on some of the German specialty film websites out there, but Xploited Cinema still stocks the single disk release!