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7) Embodiment of Evil
After importing the Anchor Bay UK Blu-Ray of the legendary Brazilian Boogeyman’s third film, I was a little more than disappointed. Aside from being bare-bones, the transfer was just a muddled, oversaturated mess. Well along came Synapse Films, who gave Coffin Joe the treatment he deserved. Even back in March I knew this would be one of the best Blus of 2011, and after almost a whole year of competition Embodiment of Evil still holds up.




6) Santa Sangre
Another improvement over an Anchor Bay UK release, Severin Film’s Blu-Ray of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s obscenely neglected Spanish Giallo is almost perfect. With brand new features and a transfer that will blow you away, Santa Sangre is easily one of the best releases of the year.http://sinsofcinema.com/Images/Santa%20Sangre/Santa%20Sangre%20Blu-Ray%20(17).jpg


5) The Exterminator
What else needs to be said other than it’s The Exterminator on Blu-Ray? Quite possibly the most badass urban revenge film of the 80’s, James Glickenhaus’s yarn about the man they pushed too far looks fantastic on Synapse BD.




4) Deep Red
Every Argento fan owes it to themselves to add this release in their collection. Not even including the mountain of extras and beautiful transfer, this is the first time Deep Red has been released uncut in America. Blue Underground is no stranger to outdoing their selves, but this goes beyond even that. If you don’t own this disk, why are you still reading? Go buy it right now, the hell is wrong with you?




3) Zombie
Lucio Fulci’s masterpiece has finally been given a definitive home video release. Aside from the few mild annoyances with the softness of the picture, this release is perfect. With an almost unheard of collection of extras, a damn nice transfer, and some exceptional disk design, Blue Underground’s release of Zombie is easily one of the best Blus of the year.




2) Intruder
It makes sense that Synapse would save their best for last, because Intruder is one kick ass Blu-Ray. An immeasurable improvement over the Wizard (yep, Charles Band’s VHS giant who released all those beautiful Big Boxes did release Intruder) DVD, I have yet to see a release that pleases the fans like Intruder does. Now you can watch the uncut “head into meat-saw” scene in HD glory.




1) Torso
I knew as soon as I put this disk in it was going to be the release of the year. Again Blue Underground has included the US and uncut version on the disk just like with Deep Red, but the fantastic extras, gorgeous transfer, and still mind-bogglingly intricate disk design cements Torso as the Blu-Ray of the year hands down.



A big thank you to all the companies and readers who have enabled me to compile this list. You guys are, and always have been, awesome.


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